May 18, 2024

First Five Years Child Development Parenting Guide

There is a crucial role of good parenting in the growth and development of their children. That is why parents are also called the first teachers of a child. Therefore, being a responsible parent, you should make efforts to shape your child by providing them encouragement, support, motivation, and access to productive activities. Within the first five years of birth, a child can grow and develop very fast, both physically and mentally.

Therefore, the period between birth and the first five years is that stage of life that is one of the most crucial stages to developing a creative and innovative mindset of a child. Therefore, the first thing you need to have done is your childs vaccination to protect your child from various diseases.

Every parent wants their children to be mentally and physically fit. Parents are ready to make all efforts by giving their hundred percent for their child’s development. But some parents are worried about it because they do not have proper guidance about what steps they should take? If you are one of those parents who are not sure what you should do to contribute to your child’s development, then here is a short guide that you have to follow. Mentioned below are the significant and essential parenting tips that you need to follow for your child’s development and growth in the first five years;

Make sure your child is getting sufficient & adequate nutrition –

Your child has different nutritional needs at other milestones in the five years of birth. So, make sure you are giving proper nutrition to your child at various stages, such as;

  • Along with breastfeeding recommended by paediatricians, you also need to give an infant small amounts of soft foods or liquid food varieties. Such as fruit purees, vegetable soup, pea-sized pieces of protein dishes, teething foods, yogurt, a small spoon-sized mashed banana, etc.
  • As your baby grows with age and becomes a toddler, you also have to add other nutritious food to their diet. It includes a sufficient amount, such as pulse, soybean, chapati, rice, fruits, vegetables, eggs, juices, fruit smoothies, immunity-building foods, milkshakes, etc.
  • And if you have a preschooler kid, you should provide enough nutritious food to your child. You can include weight gain foods, iron-rich foods, calcium-rich recipes, and a sufficient amount of healthy sweets, salads, soups, etc., to your preschool kid’s diet.

Plan some physical activities as per your child’s age:

You have to plan some physical activities or exercises for your child. You should include the following physical activities in your child’s schedule;

  • If you are a parent of a newborn baby, then you should consist of these activities in your infant’s schedule; careful head lifting, kicking, toy grasping, rolling and crawling on the floor, etc.
  • If you have a toddler, you should ensure that your child is doing these activities; dancing, playing, walking, running, jumping, catching & throwing a ball, kite flying, kicking a ball, balancing, mini bicycle riding, etc.
  • If you have a preschool kid, your child should follow these physical activities: cycling, running, hopping, tumbling, swimming, skipping, dancing, balling, high knee activity, climbing, and many more physical exercises & pastimes.