September 23, 2021

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CBD Gummies vs CBD Capsules – A No Contest Match In Favor of Capsules

When comparing CBD Gummies vs CBD Capsules, the winner is CBD Gummy vs CBD Capsules. Both are made from the same hemp plant, but they do have one key difference. Gummies are easier to swallow than capsules, and they come with a variety of flavors, so you may not even notice the difference between the two. However, CBD capsules are much more potent than their less expensive counterpart, so why would anyone choose the less expensive product over the more effective one? The answer is

Why is this important? The reason that hemp oil works so well at keeping your body energized is because it contains a full-spectrum of Cannabinoids. That means there are no nasty, untargeted carcinogens or toxins in the oil. In short, CBD capsules are simply better for your body.

How do you know that hemp gummies are the best? Most companies use a method called “chemical-grade hemp gummy.” Basically, this means that the CBD is mixed with an industrial grade food base, mixed very thoroughly, heated, then compressed into small pellets. While this sounds like a great way to make CBD capsules, not all manufacturers utilize this method. In order to truly see the potency of CBD, you need to read lab results and clinical trials.

CBD gummies with a “natural flavor” typically taste awful. These companies add a little bit of sweetener (corn sugar, for instance) to artificially sweeten their CBD. As a result, you get what you think is CBD oil, but in reality you’re getting a tasteless, chemical-laden syrup. You should avoid these brands at all costs.

If you’re looking for CBD capsules taste, look for one that has an “organic” formula. Organic CBD is extracting from the cannabis plant, using only clean, pure water. Companies that use this method are able to retain the valuable CBD’s essential medicinal properties without the plant’s delicate endocannabinoid system being destroyed. These brands tend to have a nutty taste. CBD gummies with organic bases taste more like chocolate chips, so if you’re looking for a taste that is close to real chocolate, these brands are not the right choice.

One of the biggest benefits of CBD gummies vs capsules is that you get to decide how you ingest the CBD oil. You can choose to eat it with a meal, like a cereal or oatmeal for example, or you can choose to take it with juice, water, or tincture. Each method of ingestion provides different levels of CBD. Look for a product that offers the most CBD per serving.